Sunday, October 10, 2010

Prayer Wall - October

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Beloved said...

Hi BGO, may God's grace, strength and peace continue to be with you.

My dear friend recently passed away as you know ... Please continue to pray for the surviving members of her family, especially her son and daughter.

For the body of Christ in Canada, please pray that God will set His people's hearts on fire for His glory, and that we will begin to hunger and thirst for His righteousness in our churches and in our lives.

Please also pray for believers around the world who are suffering persecution for their faith ... they need our prayers.

May you reap even more abundantly than you have sown in intercessory prayer : )

Natasha said...

It is our honour and privilege to lift up these requests before the LORD of Lords, and King of kings. Thank you for taking the time out to post. May God strengthen you as you journey through this life, faithfully focused on Him.

Anonymous said...

Hello Natasha, Andrew and BGO. Please pray for me. I am have been having a lot of spiritual warfare at night: nightmares & can't sleep sometimes out of fear. I have been praying through this with a warfare prayer that I received from one of my church's pastors. What seems to be helping is going back again and again to God's own truths, His promises, and praying out loud about Jesus' sovereignty over all principalities and powers.

I've only told a couple of friends about these on-going problems (I've had this on and off since my teen years) because it's a sensitive issue and not one that many (fortunately for them) understand. I am hopeful that this community of believers can rally their prayers & help me to fight off the enemy in the holy name of Jesus.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Lately I have felt distant. As I try to seek God I feel empty. I love Him no doubt and I am not sure what this season is...but I am praying that God would reveal HImself to me. That I will be able to draw nearer to HIm and have an intimacy that is like never before. Please come into agreement with me that this dry season will be over soon as I take in Living Water.

Natasha said...

Anonymous #1: We have been praying on your behalf for the Lord to give you the victory over these spiritual battles.

Anonymous #2: Press in and as you diligently seek Him, He will be found by you. Will will lift you up in prayer. Thank you for posting.