Monday, November 8, 2010

Talk Tuesday – I am afraid to share my faith

When was the last time you invited someone to church? How about the last time you told someone about Jesus? May be you are a little shy like me. I find it hard to share my faith, Tash on the other hand does so openly. This weekend Tash and I got a chance to share our testimony at church. I pray that it ministered to someone. After coming home from church, I went on Godtube to look up a video for Movie Monday and found a video by Billy Graham. It’s called My Hope. The outreach goes like this: you invite some friends over for a meal and show them a video by Billy and Franklin Graham. Then you share your testimony and invite them to accept Christ. After seeing the video, I thought, I have to do more. No matter what type of person I am I should be sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

If Jesus is who He says He is, there must be an urgency in sharing your faith. Without Christ there is no hope. With Christ there is eternal life and an abundant joy. What type of person are you and how do you share your faith? Share with us and let us encourage one another to spread the Gospel.

Mark 16:15 (New International Version)

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.


South District 'Southern Extension District 4H Agents List'RSA said...

How I share depends on the situation. Most of the time I have practiced friendship evangelism. I have made friends, loved on them lavishly, then they trusted me enough to speak into their lives.

Special said...

I also practise friendship evangelism. By genuinely loving others, I hope to show the love of Jesus Christ.

Beloved said...

I have had experiences where God has allowed a conversation with a stranger or an aquaintance to move towards a wide open door to share about Jesus.

Frienship evangelism is also a good opening, but sometimes it can happen with a complete stranger. And sometimes friends eventually pull away over time, I guess over not being able to face the conviction of your faith versus their indecision or a lack of desire to decide... every situation can be so different.

One other interesting observation I have been making lately is that there may be more people right in our churches than we might think, who have been attending, sometimes for years, but have not actually committed to Jesus Christ officially. I had one such experience recently, and by God's grace the person was invited to formally receive Christ and actually did. Sometimes I think people need a specific one-on-one challenge, which the Holy Spirit can use to bring them over the line.